@district_foodie takes a look through the lens of Washington DC’s hungriest foodies. While Jourdi Tobias isn’t the district’s only foodie, she started the brand in 2014 to spread her love of food and engage with millennials who are as passionate about DC dining as she is. Since then, @district_foodie has grown to a network of contributors hungry to promote all that DC’s food scene has to offer.

We started this website to expand beyond our Instagram posts and share our full dining experiences with you. As you can see, this includes sharing all of the photos we might not post along with a brief description of a restaurant’s ambiance and specialties, or little bits of knowledge we pick up from talking to those who these spots the best - the chefs and owners.

We hope you love it as much as we do, and use this site as a guide on where to eat and drink in Washington, D.C.

@District_Foodie was created and run by Jourdi Tobias, and Of course Friends and Family.

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