Bad Saint

Notorious for being hard to get into, we finally got a chance to see what Bad Saint was all about, and we were not disappointed. This filipino restaurant located in Columbia Heights, operates on a first come first serve basis, we recommend going on a rainy night to beat all of the wait times. The menu changes frequently but I really don't think there is a dish that isn't AMAZING. We started with the radishes in a burnt coconut paste, then had the sizzling mushrooms, the yellowfin tuna, the lobster with greens in a coconut milk broth, AMAZING chicken wings (maybe my new favorite in DC) and finally the Lechon which is pork dish. Honestly, even if I had to wait longer than 25 min it would have been 100% worth it. Pro tip: put your name down and go to the bar next door- Room 11- for a cocktail while you wait. (Photos in meal order)