Brickside Food and Drink is the perfect bar spot.  Whether you’re looking to for a happy hour spot, to watch sports, or to meet up for brunch, Brickside has got you covered.  Be sure to try some of their punches and crushes (yes they have crushes, hello summertime/the beach)! We were able to meet the Chef, who insisted we try the firecracker chicken bites and the pb&j wings.  Both of these are must tries! The pb&j wings are unique, and we know you’ll love them once you take your first bite!

Potomac Pizza

If you have grown up in MD then you know all about Potomac Pizza (if not you should still try it). Known for their cheesy fries with a side of ranch or their delicious cheese pizza, make sure to stop by Potomac Pizza if you are in the mood for a delicious casual-style meal. Potomac Pizza’s original location is in Potomac Village in Potomac, MD, but they now have locations in Potomac, Rockville, College Park, and Chevy Chase.

Olazzo Restaurant

Nestled in downtown Bethesda, Olazzo is a family owned and operated Italian restaurant.  As soon as you walk in, you feel an overwhelming sense of charm in this intimate space.  The menu features classic Italian dishes, from chicken parmesan, to meatballs, to lasagna, to caprese.  If you are looking for a restaurant with only fresh ingredients, and flavorful dishes, Olazzo is for you.  Noteworthy items- be sure to try the shrimp and crab rose, the wild mushroom gnocchi, veal parmesan, and the arancini.  Although, we are positive that you will love anything you order off this menu!

True Food Kitchen

True food is a health-driven restaurant and their menu is based off of the anti-inflammatory diet.  Everything in this restaurant is mouth-watering, from the freshly squeezed juices, to the organic spirits, to the flavorful entrees and light desserts. The menu has a large variety of dishes that are gluten-free, organic, vegetarian, and vegan. We are so happy that this California-based restaurant opened its doors for us in Bethesda, and we can’t wait to go back!  Noteworthy items: be sure to try the kale aid refresher, the ancient grain bowl, and the flourless chocolate cake.

Gong Cha Tea

If you like bubble tea, then this is the spot for you! There is a plethora of flavor choices and the iced coffee is delicious. A great treat after eating at Urban Hotpot or Akira Ramen as they are all in the same shopping center.

Urban Hotpot

For those who don't know what hotpot is (we didn't before we went), it’s basically a DIY ramen with the stove top at your table. You order your choice of: broth, proteins, noodles, vegetables, sauces, etc., and then it comes to your table to cook on the built-in stove.  Urban Hotpot seemed very authentic to us with a few modern touches. You order everything from the iPad on your table and there was also a conveyor belt that you could get ingredients off of. This experience was very unique, everything was delicious, and the place was packed!  Make sure to check out brother and sister restaurant Gong Cha Tea and Akira Ramen in the same shopping center.

Akira Ramen

Akira is known from their delicious and sizable ramen bowls. If you really want to have an experience while you are there, make sure to sit at the bar to see the bowls being prepared. While they are known for their ramen, the appetizers are not to be missed, especially the Karaage (fried chicken). Make sure to check out brother and sister restaurant Gong Cha Tea and Urban Hotpot in the same shopping center.

City Perch

City Perch is an all-around great spot. Located in the newly revamped Pike and Rose shopping center, City Perch has a large menu and is good for brunch, lunch, dinner, and happy hour. We got the chance to go for brunch. We started with the smoked salmon stuffed popovers, and got two entrees: SLOW POACHED EGG + SHORT RIB and the THE ROMA Sandwich. City Perch has plenty of options and is a great American-style restaurant