Supra is not DC’s first Georgian restaurant, but it certainly is the most popular and an exceptional addition to the Shaw neighborhood. The restaurant itself has a rustic feel with exposed brick and wood decor. Come here with a large group so you can try a bunch of the small plates offered! While everything we tasted was delicious, there are a couple of dishes that are true standouts. The soup dumplings are a real treat, and should be a definite part of your order. Don’t forget to add crushed black pepper! We were also super impressed with each of the the Khachapuri (Georgian Cheese Bread) dishes. All of the breads were delicious, but the Ajaruli, a boat-shaped cheese bread topped with egg, was our favorite dish of the night.


Chaplin’s is one of our go-to restaurants.  Chaplin’s serves a variety of Japanese food, from shumai to dumplings, but most importantly (and what they are known for!): ramen. Try the Chaplin’s A.S.S., which stands for Asian Spicy Sour, or the Stamina Spicy for those spice lovers out there. We also love the cocktails here, which are half-off daily until 7 PM! Tip: Try to make a reservation in advance, especially on weekends, because there tends to be a long line (but don’t worry, there is popcorn for you to munch on while you wait).

Unconventional Diner

Unconventional is the perfect word to describe this restaurant. Their menu includes all types of foods from different cuisines, and variations of traditional dishes. We LOVE Unconventional Diner’s bright decor and FYI: there are crinkle-cut french fries in the corn beef hash.  The FG, PB & J (Fois gras PB&J), kale nachos, and crab linguini are dynamite interpretations of classic dishes. For you early risers, they serve breakfast M-F starting at 7:30 am, and yes, they have avocado toast.

El Techo

Located on the rooftop of Rito Loco, El Techo is a funky space featuring bright murals and tiles.  This is a great spot for cocktails and spanish tapas. For all of you spice lovers, be sure to try the spicy mezcal margarita. The tacos are a must, especially the fried avocado and shrimp. Special shoutout to the seafood paella which we legit couldn’t stop eating. This hip rooftop is open year-round, a tent and heaters are put up in the colder weather (the tent is even lined with beautiful strings of purple flowers; we LOVE flowers).


Convivial is one of Washington, DC’s best brunch spots, probably because they have perfected the jumbo-size cinnabon game. But besides the sweet cinnabon, all of the dishes we've tried are amazing. In addition, Convivial’s ambiance is so pleasant, especially with the alternative music playing in the background. It is also a great choice for dinner with classic French-American dishes and craft cocktails. And you can’t forget about the burger!

Tiger Fork

Located in Blagden Alley (our favorite DC alley), Tiger Fork is a Chinese bistro inspired by Hong Kong’s street food scene. The menu is a contemporary take on Hong Kong classic dishes and the drink menu features TCM cocktails which are based on holistic recipes offering cures for things like anxiety and pain. Be sure to try the Chili Wontons, Beef Chow Fun (...we had to order two last time, that’s how amazing it is), Fried Rice, and the BBQ Plate. Pro Tip: Tiger Fork now takes reservations (if you’re lucky enough to snag one). However, if you can’t get a reservation, put your name on the list and head to Calico for a drink or see if you can grab a seat at the bar.



Whether it’s a nice sunny day out or the midst of a snow storm, Calico is a VIBE. Calico is a stylish and chic spot with an outdoor patio and cozy 80’s decorated indoor that will be your new favorite hangout. While we mostly just go for drinks, their food is delicious as well. Be sure to order an adult juice boxes (they are fantastic, especially the Sassy Kitty) and the eggplant parmesan sticks! Between the backyard, juice boxes, and tasty plates, Calico is a perfect addition to the Shaw neighborhood.