Chicken + Whiskey

Located in the heart of 14th street, Chicken + Whiskey serves up delicious peruvian chicken in a fast casual setting.  Our favorite sides are the yuca fries and the guasacaca and chips! If you’re in the mood for a sandwich, the pollo frito will not disappoint.  One of the coolest parts of Chicken + Whiskey is the speakeasy in the back of the restaurant. This hidden bar serves 99 different kinds of whiskeys, as well as cocktails, wine, and beer.  


By now, I’m sure you’ve all heard about our girl-crush Christina Tosi and her Milkbar empire. If you haven’t, your homework for tonight is to turn on Netflix and watch Chef’s Table: Volume 4, Episode 1. Once you’re done, please proceed to your nearest Milkbar for a birthday cake truffle and cereal milk soft serve. Done? Good. Glad we got that out of the way. What makes the Logan Circle location different from all of the other Milkbar stores is that it is the first and only flagship store: the biggest Milkbar to date and home to the Milkbar Lab where new creations will be tested and sold. We got the privilege to partake in a baking class in the store’s monster classroom before the flagship store opened to the public. Head Pastry Chef Anna shared Milkbar’s not-so-secret tips on how to perfect our individual birthday cakes. At $90 a pop, these classes aren’t cheap, but trust us when we say they are well worth it; not only do you get to sample some of Tosi’s tantalizing treats, you even get to take home your own personal cake. The flagship store is meant to be a neighborhood hangout and we truly believe it will be a very popular one.


Cork has a great story behind its’ trendy wine bar, marketplace, and restaurant space; the wine-loving couple who opened Cork wanted to provide a place for DC residents to congregate and enjoy their favorite wines and shareable bites. Their avocado toast is light and delicious, and is elevated with the addition of pistachios. We also love their weekend brunch, especially the crispy polenta. There truly is nothing to wine about (forgive us) at Cork’s new 14th Street location.


As I’m sure many of you have read about 14th Street’s award-winning newcomer, Maydan, all we can say is: the hype is real. First of all, it took us learning how OpenTable’s reservation system worked and being awake at 3 AM to snag a reservation, however, it was worth it. To get to the restaurant, you walk through an otherwise empty alley to find a beautiful bright blue door that makes you feel like you are likely in Morocco or the Middle East. When you walk in, you are greeted with a smoky aroma from the wood-fire grills. While you can't go wrong with anything on the menu, some things you should try include hummus, muhammara, duck breast (literally the best in the District!), and eggplant. As carnivores, we rarely ever say our favorite dish was a vegetable, but the eggplant was truly out of this world.

Hando Medo

Hando Medo is a hand-roll sushi restaurant where you’re seated at one of two large sushi bars. When you walk into the restaurant, all the staff stops to greet you in unison. How fun! To order, you are given a menu and a pencil to mark what type of and how many rolls you want. You give your marked-up menu to your server and then the sushi chefs get to work. The hand-rolls are given to you as they are ready. Eat them when the rice is hot; the combo of hot rice, cold fish, and crunchy seaweed is perfection. The prices are not bad either; for four hand-rolls it’s only $18, and coming from someone who usually eats three sushi rolls in one sitting, four hand-rolls is plenty.



Chef Rob Rubba is a genius. That’s how you’re going to feel after eating his delightfully home-y zucchini bread and fois gras combination, as well as tasting the tater tots mixed into his signature steak tartare. Who else would think to create an Asian-style gnocchi dish? Well you can try the gnocchi bokki for yourself at Hazel. If you are there on a nice night, be sure to sit in the cozy patio area. In the end, whether you go with a selection of small plates or get “Ducked Up!”, you can’t go wrong.



Located on 14th Street, Sakerum’s trendy décor and hip ambiance make for a fun dining experience. Their asian-fusion menu showcases a combination of Latin American and Asian cuisines. Sakerum is a perfect place for a gals night out: dress up, grab food, and drink cocktails galore, but can also be a great date spot. There is an upstairs “lounge” with music and more. The sushi rolls here are one-of-a-kind so be sure to try as many as you can! Some of our favorite rolls include the Big Crunch Theory, Spicy Slap Roll, and Hokkaido Roll. Other noteworthy items include the bao bun, the salmon aburi-don, and the tuna poke.



Tico, a spanish-fusion restaurant that sits at the corner of 14th and U is a great spot to catch an after-work happy hour or to have a date-night dinner. Tico has delicious, handcrafted cocktails, our favorite being the hibiscus margarita. There are small plates to share as well as bigger individual entrees. Some of our favorites include: the Mac and Cheese, Crispy Manchego Cheese, Black Risotto Croquettes, and the Prime Skirt Steak entree. If you are a ceviche lover, they have many kinds here so be sure to check it out.